director|visual artist

death in bloom

a strange little film about finding the perfect death


Death sales is a tricky BUSINESS...

If death came to your door, would you be picky or would to take the first thing he offered? Christopher Crumples, a door-to-door 'death' salesman, struggles to close a deal with a fabulously difficult customer, Mrs Patterson. 

The acclaimed Robyn Nevin plays Mrs Patterson, a wealthy widow taking her time to find the perfect last moment and the highly-credentialed Ewen Leslie as Christopher Crumples, a 'Death Salesman' just trying to close a deal so he can move onto his next unfortunate client. 

Part philosophy, part satire, Death In Bloom challenges all notions of a foretold future via a cleverly crafted film whose heart is as funny as it is dark.

Written and Directed by Dael Oates, Death In Bloom's has been playing in acclaimed film festival around the world, including Palm Springs, Raindance, Sydney Int Film Fest, Dendy Awards, MIFF, LA Int. Film Fest, NY Int Film Fest and St Kilda Int. Film Festival where it took the crown, winning Best Film, Best Comedy and Best Editing from 6 nominations which included Best Actor for Robyn Nevin and Best Screenplay.

Death In Bloom is currently being developed as episodic series with Chromista, sister company to Darren Aronofsky's production company Protozoa.